Product Creation, Engineering, Mass Production and Distribution

Novus consists of a team of qualified individuals who assist in the process of taking projects from an initial idea to profitable completion. Novus will walk with each client through every step in the sequence to success, including:

  • Product Market Evaluation & Feasibility
• Patent Search, Trademark & Copyright Procedures
• Corporate Identity, Marketing & Packaging Development
• Electrical / Mechanical Engineering & Product Design
• Legal Compliance
• Marketing Strategies
• Manufacturing Costing & Management
• Import / Export & Distribution

So much time and money is spent and often wasted in the attempt to develop an idea or invention and introduce it to the market. Novus Promotions has 17 years of experience in product development and Marketing. We make sure that every service provider that plays a part in the development stage is fully aware of the long term and mass manufacturing concerns. It will be designed with mass production and distribution in mind.


If it appears that the product volume will be substantial then we can work to reduce manufacturing costs by producing them in one of our many China alliance factories. Whether the need is for prototypes, samples, engineering, injection molding, tooling, assembly work, mass production or sourcing, we can facilitate and oversee it for our clients.

We work with each client’s choice of freight forwarders to assure that shipping time and costs are kept to the bare minimum. There may be opportunity to export goods internationally to promote in other countries. We have strong relationships with many provincial and central government representatives in China.



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