Novus Promotions is a Total Turnkey Solutions company with over 20 years of experience in business development, corporate expansion strategies and product development. Novus will move your small business from the kitchen table to the main stream market, assisting your company to successfully carry out your corporate expansion plan.

Novus Promotions offers expertise and experience in strategic growth planning, project development and management for both newly established and existing businesses poised to grow to the next level of market penetration. We will evaluate the unique needs of each client and the scope of each project, creating an achievable strategic plan of action.


As your company grows and expands, it is at this point that the exciting possibility of expansion into international markets can seem nearly overwhelming to most business owners. Built upon decades of international experience, Novus will effectively remove the fear and streamline the process of overseas operations for your business.

Novus has established a vast number of domestic and international relationships in the areas of production / manufacturing, import / export, product distribution and marketing taking the mystery out of what could be the single greatest expansion step a company can take.



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